The Continuum
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18 OCT 15

8.00pm @ Proud Camden - London UK

26 OCT 15

9.00pm @ The Bedford - London UK


The Continuum Borderline

Borderline - 5 Tracks 21’25
Produced by PLUG & PLAY LTD



Where is the light - #Live Sessions

If The World Was Burning - #Live Sessions

Something More - #Live Sessions


For the past 10 years, the members of the band have been working for international artists in recording studios or on stage all over the world, as musicians or sound engineers.

They come from the UK, France, Italy and from diverse musical sources. In 2013, they decided to design their own music, a universe of their own and create The Continuum, a powerful London-based rock band. The Continuum mixes the vintage Pop-Rock of the 70s with symphonic strings and avant-garde electro sound. They are at the junction of the heat of analogue and the bounce of digital.

They started their project by producing their first EP (Borderline) in the best studios in Paris. The Awards-winning author Boris Bergman has also joined them to write lyrics.

The Continuum wants 2015 to be the year of unique and outstanding video and live music. Do you fancy being part of it?